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The new registered development will save
You troubles for good.
Detergent dispenser LOXY.
• The dispenser has a tight lid to protect the washing powder against
  damp and to avoid the spread of detergent odour.
• The detergent dispenser excludes the contact with the skin, fact to
  be appreciated not only by people with sensitive skin and allergic
• The detergent dispenser will save place in Your bathroom, laundry,
  kitchen cabinets for more useful things than a crushed washing
  powder pack.
• You’ll never have to bent or stretch for the detergent again – now
  the powder is always close at hand!
• You’ll forget about the detergent scattered on the floor.
• The dispenser will protect Your kids from the contact with
  the detergent.
• In case of detergent overdose, the chemical substances damage
  Your washing machine and shorten its service life. By precise
  doses the dispenser prevents such situations.
• By touching “PUSH” button a special mechanism loosens
  the detergent and prevents lump formation.
• The smart and compact LOXY stores 6 kg of washing powder.
• The detergent dispenser is mechanical and doesn’t require electric
  power or batteries.
• Proven fact – the precise dosage of the dispenser will save You up
  to 25% of the washing powder consumption.
  By using the dispenser Your family will spend on detergents less
  by quarter as compared to Your neighbours!
• LOXY dispenser was specially designed for detergent storage and
• LOXY dispenser is serviceable.
• LOXY dispenser will make the washing easier by a precise and,
  more important, safe dosage of the washing powder.
• The dispenser’s design harmonizes with any type of washing
• LOXY’s elegant design will complete the interior of Your bathroom,
  laundry or kitchen.
• LOXY dispenser will ensure You the comfort during Your
The main advantage of „dosing unit“ is precision in dosing and saving of washing powder! There are less chemical substances going into nature and canalisation, which are contained in washing powders!
By using „the dosing units“ all of you in not small amount benefits to protection of nature and gives a chance for your children to live in clearer environment. 
The easy-to-use and comfortable LOXYis an excellent and original
present for Your friends and Your family.
Registered product
Made in EU
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